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The Doping Journal represents independent open access peer-review non-profit scholar/professional serial published by the editorial group.

The journal aims to take a prominent position as the journal of choice for the publication of original peer-reviewed science, case reports and news stories covering all areas of the journal scope.

Doping Journal mission 

  • To provide leadership in advancing all aspects of the scientific research on doping and its impact on health and health care.
  • To advance basic, clinical and laboratory science and technology on doping by publishing peer-reviewed original research articles and case reports.
  • To advance basic, clinical and laboratory science and technology on doping by communicating information about the development of doping science, anti-doping code, regulations and standards, by outlining novel strategies, and by helping interested members of the scientific, health care and sports communities to acquire the necessary skills.
  • To advance the professional development and/or education of the journal readers and to help them adapt to the changing priorities of the developing field through editorials, expert reviews and news articles.
  • To advance the professional development of the junior members of the editorial board.
  • To facilitate the growth of the public and sports communities awareness of the science and conclusions on doping science.
  • To facilitate the growth of athletes awareness of the science and conclusions on doping research and medicine.
  • New! To help protect athletes from the misconduct by sports organizations, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and national anti-doping agencies.

  • Journal scope 

    "The Doping Journal" provides online-only peer-reviewed publication of the results and conclusions of original research on doping with a particular emphasis on novel findings in chemistry and biology of doping chemicals, nonchemical agents, nutritional supplements, and healthy natural alternatives for the doping usage.

    Special emphasis is also placed on the analysis of basic mechanisms underlying the doping action, doping cheats and anti-doping technologies development and antidoping testing accuracy.

    In addition to original research articles and letters, the journal publishes case reports, reviews, commentaries, news and perspective articles and their lay language summaries, and editorials on important and timely topics.

    The journal operates as a rolling publication, publishing articles as they are accepted.

    Post-publication electronic letters to the editor on every contribution provide continuous online forum for the entire journal content.


    Biomedical researchers, chemists; policy makers; professional sports and anti-doping organizations; athletes, their coaches and doctors, and all those with an interest in the doping.

    Key features 

  • Independent of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  • Electronic-only publishing of quality papers covering any aspect of The Journal scope.
  • Free electronic online access to all users to the entire journal content
  • Full hyperlink integration with the the global biomedical resources, including NLM PubMed and Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
  • Electronic-only submission of articles
  • Fast review and publication of all submissions to ensure timely dissemination of information
  • Rigorous editorial standards and authors assurance of editors fairness and expertise.
  • No submission/publication/color illustrations charges to authors
  • Copyright remains with the authors
  • The impact factor can be easily recorded by the number of visits to the site of each article
  • Post-publication eLetters on every contribution provide continuous online forum for the entire journal content

  • Disclaimer 

    The statements and opinions contained in the articles of The Doping Journal are solely those of the individual authors and contributors.

    The Doping Journal and the Editorial Group disclaim responsibility for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind and for any injury to persons or property resulting from any reference, citation, idea or product referred to in the articles, noteworthy and patent pages, and advertisements.

    The appearance of advertisements or a citation/reference in The Journal is not a warranty, endorsement or approval of the product(s) or safety.

    The Doping Journal is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Descriptions of, or references to, products or publications does not imply endorsement of that product or publication.

    The Doping Journal is under development and changes may be made in these publications and programs at any time.

    Permissions and reprints 

    The person using The Doping Journal may view, reproduce or store copies of articles comprising the journal provided that the articles are used only for their personal, non-commercial use.

    Commercial usage of articles and/or reprints in large quantities requires licensing and permission from The Journal. For information contact managing editor: postmaster@dopingjournal.org


    The Doping Journal is published by the group of editors based in many countries worldwide. The connected world and the internet technology allows the editorial group to integrate the international effort to run the journal efficiently and without excessive cost.

    The first place of publication, however, is Moscow, Russian Federation (Alexei Koudinov, The Doping Journal, Do Vostrebovania, Moscow 121359 Russian Federation), and Rehovot, Israel (P.O.Box 1665, Rehovot 76100, Israel) where the articles are compiled into the journal format and are published on the world wide web.

    The entire journal correspondence, however, is electronic. The editorial office email address is postmaster@dopingjournal.org. We discourage you to communicate with the journal by means other then email.

    Correspondingly, all submissions are electronic. For submission details and our publication philosophy please consult the instructions for authors.

    Copyright © 2004+ by The Doping Journal, ISSN 1812-948X